Self-fix for Lower Right Side Back Pain

If you ever wake up on morning with back pain in your lower right side, don’t fret! Most people would instantly think of going to the doctor to have it checked. A lot of cases have been reported that most people are usually sent back home by their doctor after having it assessed professionally. Before you waste your time and money going to the doctor for no reason at all, you may consider doing a self-fix for lower right side back pain first.You can use a tennis ball for this self-fix.

On your bed, position the tennis ball facing the tender part of your back, right side, where pain is. Sit on it with a position like lying down half of your back. Move your legs up and down so the tissue in that part of your body would also have movement. Most of the time, the pain is caused by muscle tissues that are stuck or numbed. If there’s pain on your tailbone, you can also do it there while lying down with the ball under that part.


The one thing you should not do is by moving your hips from sideways. Instead, move your leg up and down similar to the first one. You can do this as you start your day since most back pains are experienced as soon as waking up in the morning. Tennis ball is the most common stable ball there is that’s why it’s used for this self-fix method. However, with the presence of baseball or something similar, you can also use other alternative.Lumbago, or what is commonly known as lower back pain, has a lot of causes.

It’s usually the effect of the body weight being carried mostly by the back part. While there is lower right side, back pain issues that can be resolved through a self-fix method, most of these should be seen by the doctor or chiropractor. The best time to do that is when the pain persists after doing the self-fix. There will be different ways that the doctor will handle each case. After which, the most common advice is for the patient to see a physical therapist for lower right side back pain or lower left side back pain.


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